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Suspended ceiling

  • Lay-in grid with mineral fibre, plaster or metal tiles
  • MF ceiling system
  • Metal pan with plain, perforated or acoustic tiles,
  • Ecophone Ceiling
  • Metal Linear Beams
  • Metal Furring – Seamless jointed or plaster skim finished,
  • Open Cell – Metal or styrene tiles,
  • Fire Barriers


Please see our guide prices for suspended ceilings:


  • MF Ceiling from £22  m2
  • Tile (Grid) Suspended Ceiling from £21 m2
  • Acoustic Ceiling , please call for details
  • Wet Areas Ceiling, please call for details
  • Custom Design Ceiling, please call for details


Please note, prices depending on location and work


Please call for day work suspended ceiling fixer rates

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Suspended ceiling services