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Dry lining and Passive Fire Stopping

Dry lining or drywall is an effective and relatively fast method to divide larger areas into smaller rooms by the use of track and studs system, there's no limit in configuration, its very popular in construction, also frequently used in residential projects.
Here are some egzamples of different dry lining methods:

  • Metal Stud
  • Dot and Dab
  • Wall Lining
  • Shaft Wall
  • Gyp Lyner


Passive Fire Protection (PFP) attempts to contain fire or slow the spread through use of fire-resistant walls,floors,ceilings,doors (amongs other examples), PFP systems must comply with associated Listing and approval use and compilance in order to provide effectiveness expected by building codes.


 Please see our guide dry lining prices:


  • Dot&Dab 12.5mm wallboard from £11 m2
  • Walls prices depending on type, location, please call for details


Please call for dry lining day work rates

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Dry lining and Passive Fire Stopping services